Studio Hongjie Yang

As climate change and human activities catalyse the transformation of our environment, humans and nature will have to adapt to the emergence of new and unfamiliar landscapes. This scientific sculpture explore how nature evolves to survive, and even thrive, in an Arctic region that will become more habitable as the northernmost part of Earth warms up. Created in collaboration with Dr Peter Schaap and Niels Zondervan of Wageningen University, hypothesis existing technologies to explore the new aesthetics of nature as it evolves to survive in this increasingly man-made nature. Seemingly unmoored in this more fluid reality, the work expresses both the resilience of nature and the potential of manmade innovation. It blurs the distinction between what is “born” and what is “made”, offering an uncanny portrait of a nature that we all might face up to.

Mixed Media.
140(h) x 45(w) x 45(d) cm.

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