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Land Art:

Patina Maldives,

Faris Islands, Maldives

This project presents three vases derived from human HeLa cells, permanently preserved within glass tubes of chemicals. The work builds upon an earlier iteration, Semi-Human Vase (2015). Following recent breakthroughs in human tissue engineering for medical purposes, this work is a conceptual reflection on the design potential of these technologies and the dissolving borders between humans and objects.

Each vase was created using a 3D-printed biodegradable polymer scaffold that was partially induced into human tissue. They were then stained blue with Coomassie protein dye, a colourused in laboratories to give cells visibility. The resulting appearance references blue-and-white colour pottery.

Created through a close collaboration with biomedical engineering professor Dr. Patricia Dankers and her PhD candidate Dan Jing Wu at the Technology University Eindhoven.

TU/eindhoven Press Release
Funded by Creative Industries Fund
Semi-human Vase II, 2019,
Hela Cells on PCL Scaffolds, 60 x 45 x 10 cm


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