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Floating solemnly in a vitrine is a sculpture that hypothesises on the new aesthetics of nature. Nature has always been mediated by human culture, and this relationship will continue to evolve in response to new landscapes that emerge from a world transformed by climate change. This surreal wheat plant symbolises the co-existence of man and nature under the same ecology, and the new role that humans could play in catalysing natural evolution.

It was developed with the assistance of systems biologist Dr. Peter Schaap and Niels Zondervan of Wageningen University, and based on a scientific model of how different species evolve organically in different conditions as well as the role of human technology in aiding the transformation. Celebrating both the resilience of nature and the potential of manmade innovation, the work expresses a new nature which is in between what is “born” and what is “made”.

Post Natural Arctic, 2014, Mixed Media, 140 x 45 x 45 cm.

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